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Below is the Homework Grid for Year 5's current topic Space Invaders

   Space Invaders Homework Grid - Autumn 1
Knowing Understanding Applying Creating Evaluating
Word Smart
I enjoy reading, writing & speaking
Retell the diary entry of “The Spiderwick Chronicles” or our Newspaper Report (find on eSchools) Read another diary entry text. Which do you prefer? Why? Write an alternative diary entry ending for “The Spiderwick Chronicles” Design a theatre poster for “The Spiderwick Chronicles” Write a description of “The Spiderwick Chronicles”
Logic Smart
I enjoy working with numbers & science
Find a sun dial and record the time 4 different times during the term Put the planets in order of size. Can you use mathematical symbols? Can you write a poem to help you remember the order of the planets? Find out the different distances from the sun that each planet is Can you measure the shadow of an object 3 different times throughout the day?
Picture Smart
I enjoy painting, drawing & visualising
Draw a picture of a beach at twilight Create/build a model of a planet Draw a star constellation Create a title page for the story of ‘The Spiderwick Chronicles’. Create a fact file about the solar system.
Body Smart
I enjoy doing hands-on activities
Can you design a piece of music for the solar system. How does it make you feel? Teach somebody at home the correct order of the planets. Create a space inspired dance to a piece of music. Can you design a fitness circuit for an astronaut. Perform the fitness test for a space astronaut and write down your results.

 My Maths

MyMaths homework will be set weekly - children who do not complete it at home will be required to complete it in school time.

Shade and date the box when you complete a task.
Do at least one task each week.
Don’t forget to also read at home every night, learn your spellings and practise your weekly tables as much as you can!