Y3 Homework

Below is the homework grid for Year 3's current topic Scavengers and Settlers.

Cave Art

Tell your own Stone Age story through cave art pictures.


Draw your Stone Age cave. How would you stay warm? What would you use to decorate it?


Be a reporter. Interview a member of your family about what they know about the Stone Age. How could you present what you find out?

Time Traveller

You are going to zoom through time and space! You are allowed to take one object or one person from 2018 with you. What or who would you take? Why? Write it out, remembering your sounds and punctuation.

Build it!

Stone Age people used natural materials to build their homes. Use natural materials that you have found to build a model shelter. Take a photograph of your model to share with us.

Stone Age Chef

Stone Age people could not pop to the shops to get their food. Everything had to be caught or collected! Write a recipe for a Stone Age dinner using the sort of ingredients that would be available to them.


You might find the following websites useful when doing this:

Please choose one activity from the grid to complete each week. These activities have been designed so that learning can be shared at home. If you have any questions, please feel free to come and ask us.

We look forward to seeing what amazing things the children produce!



Year 3 children are set weekly MyMaths and Accelerated Reader quizzes. Information on this can be found on the children's e-schools pages.