Spelling Scheme

Now that we are following the new national curriculum there are new sets of spellings for children to know and use in each year group at Roskear. We will be learning these in school from January onwards.

What does the scheme consist of?

Words ListsYear Group
7-12 Year 2
13-18 Year 3
19-24 Year 4
24-32 Year 5-6


The spelling lists are available below so you can easily access them and help your children learn them at home. These spelling lists will be taught throughout the half term and, depending on the year group, your children may receive a weekly/regular spelling test.

How should it be used?

Children move through the lists, with a new list each half term.

In addition to teaching the rule/sound, children will benefit from being taught the meanings of words and how they can be used, supporting the development of their vocabulary. This is something you could research together at home. Etymology can be very interesting.

Spelling List

Click on the year group that your child is in to see their spelling lists.