At Roskear School we believe that giving children responsibility for their school gives them a sense of ownership and pride. We also believe that this approach enables children to prepare for life in modern Britain by becoming positive citizens, learning to express themselves positively, learning how to make valuable contributions to a community and how to respect and follow rules and laws.

The responsibilities take on many forms such as, School Prefect, School Council, Sports Leaders and Digital Champions.

In classes children also have responsibilities such as, Book Monitors, Homework Checkers to name just a few.

At school every child makes a significant contribution to our school by following and modelling to others our Golden Rules.

School Council

In our school we have children from each class that take on the role of School Councillor. As part of the school helping children to prepare for life in modern Britain we teach children about democracy. These children make decisions on behalf of all the children in school including what Lantern we will have at the next Lantern parade as well as the name of our Houses. Our constitution can be read be clicking on the link here.

Our meetings are going to be held on:

  • 9th November
  • 7th December

The minutes from previous School Council's meetings can be viewed below:

School Prefects

Each year Prefects are selected to model the expectation Roskear has for all its pupils.

These children are chosen for Year 6 throughout the year.

Online Safety Prefects

Holly and Malacai, our Online Safety Prefects, are on hand for all of your computing needs. When you first arrive at Roskear, they will give you an induction so that you know our ‘Online Safety Golden Rules’ and understand how to use our computers. They work closely with our digital leaders, ensuring they are carrying out their duties and helping where necessary.

osp badge


Digital Leaders

Children are given the opportunity to apply to be a digital leader. 2 digital leaders are chosen from each year group. These children are then given responsibility to look after the school's computer equipment and help the classes with basic troubleshooting. They have also helped give assemblies to the school on Online Safety topics. The digital leaders will then be best placed to become our Online Safety prefects.