Below are the current house points totals. This was last updated on 2nd November.

HouseWeekly TotalRunning Total
Ruby 82 237
Topaz 91 251
Diamond 55 220
Emerald 86 280


House Captains

Diamond House Captains Emerald House Captains
Diamond Captains Emerald Captains
Ruby House Captains Topaz House Captains
Ruby Captains Topaz Captains


House Captains were voted for by the children in Year 5.

Every Friday the house captains have to go around all the classrooms and count how many house points that class has been awarded for that week. Once that have gathered all the house points they will add up how many house points their house has collected and add this onto the running total for that half term. In the Friday assembly the house captains will stand up and announce how many house points their house has collected that week and also give the running total.