We want the very best for all children at Roskear and recognise that this is possible only if we work closely with parents. We encourage parents to contact us if they have any problems, concerns or questions at any time. If you wish to discuss any aspect of your child’s welfare or education, the class teacher is usually available after school. Occasionally, this may not be possible, in which case an alternative time can be arranged. The Headteacher is available most mornings before school or an appointment can be made by phoning the school.

Parent interviews are held at least twice during the year when parents are able to have a private meeting with the class teacher to discuss their child’s progress. Meetings for parents to inform and discuss issues occur at various times during the school year.

We welcome parental help in a variety of ways:

Assistance in the Class Rooms

Parents can make a very worthwhile contribution to the activities undertaken in the classroom. (e.g. Art, ICT etc.)

School events

Parental help on visits and at school events is extremely important. These visits would be impossible without help from parents and friends.

Making and repairing apparatus at home

If you have a creative talent or a craft skill, please contact your child’s class teacher if you would like to share it with us.

Fund raising

The school has to operate within a limited budget. F.O.R.S.A (Friends of Roskear School Association) fundraising group plays a very important role in supplementing our income to help provide “extras” for the children. Watch out for newsletters!

Extra-curricular clubs

Some parents are able to offer time and expertise to run a weekly club. See the Headteacher, if you would like to be involved

Working with parents – reading sessions

On Tuesday 2nd October, parents attended a drop in reading session. Parents were able to experience a lesson on how we teach reading at Roskear; starting with Read, Write, Inc all the way up to whole class reading and formal written responses on texts.

The feedback we received was very positive:

  •  “Good to see how the reading structure works”
  • “Will help me to support my child at home”
  • “Very impressed with the standard of the reading material”
  • “Tried to do the task of 90 words in a minute…will now start practising at home”
  • “Fantastic reading by the teacher… use of different voices made the story interesting.”