Parent Council

Roskear School has an active Parent Council who are key in advising on any issues within the school.

The parent council meet each term and continue to provide valuable information, sharing important decisions and messages with other parents.

As the council meets we will update this web page with information from the meetings for everyone to see.

If you would like to join the Parent Council, please contact Mrs Lagdon for further details.

The next Parent Council meeting will be held on Friday 5th October at 9:00am

October 2018
Present: SL, SP, SW, AA, LP, KP, RI, ?N
  • SDP 2018 - 2019
  • School Car Park


  • SL shared the 2018 – 2019 SDP & discussed key priorities arising.
    Family learning programme – parent council members to encourage families to attend one-off workshops with Vicki Salvidge (Family Learning tutor)
    Dates – maths workshop 9.11.18, literacy workshop 30.11.18
  • School car park – new signage erected during half-term, markings re-done. SL asked for volunteers to patrol the car park at the end of the day. Thanks to RI for volunteering. SP to support hand-over on Monday 8.101.18. Any volunteers on car park patrol must wear a high visibility jacket please.


  • Y3 Lockers – parents feel the school lockers are too small to fit winter coats (especially when wet) & bags etc. SL to discuss with SLT.
  • Car park – issues raised (including in above discussion) drivers not following the one-way system, staff parking in the disabled car parking space near the Nursery, bollards are old & worn – more needed. Cars not parked in bays.
    Action – SL to discuss all car park issues with NF.
  • Y3 parents suggested window blinds to be drawn while children are changing after P.E. in the classroom (from 3.00p.m. gates are unlocked and parents / carers wait outside the classrooms).

Date of next meeting: TBC

May 2017

Agenda items discussed:

  • Instead visit report – attendance KW
  • Forthcoming EYFS transition meeting
  • AOB

Actions arising:

  • SL to discuss with SLT: signage / notices around the school site (re: play equipment)
  • Swimming update
  • Hand-writing script available upon request.
March 2017

Agenda items discussed:

  • SDP update
  • Skills tests
  • Extended services update
  • Maths homework
  • School signage & logo

Actions arising:

  • SL to feedback meeting comments to SLT; action any outstanding matters from A.O.B.
  • SL to send meeting minutes to parent council members.

Date of next meeting: Monday 15th May 9.00a.m.

January 2017

Agenda items discussed:

  1. Changes to school website – parent section
  2. Parent survey – flexible childcare – to include wraparound care / holidays
  3. AOB – communication, school photographs.

Actions arising:

  • SL to forward any agreed changes to Martin Post re: school website
  • Parent council members to promote parent survey responses – support parents in school playground to complete a response.
  • SL to discuss suggestions for contacting parents with SLT / inform parent council members of any changes to current practice.