Great Fire of London

On 11th May 2018, both Year 5 classes recreated the Great Fire of London! We made cardboard houses and after two weeks of tiringly building the houses (and painting them!) we were ready to set them alight!

Surprisingly, the whole school came to watch the houses burn. It took a while for the fire fighters to get the water hose out (because they had to move the fire engine from the front of the school to Dolcoath road) so in the mean time, John asked us some questions about the fire itself – testing our learning so far this term! After that, Miss M-M asked me if I would like to help put the fire out and of course I said “Yes!”. So, I went with Mitchell so we were ready to put the fire out. We waited for the fire to spread…once it was started this happened very quickly! Then, when John gave us the word, I pulled back on the lever which set off the hose! It took quite a while to put out. The whole of Year 5 (and the rest of the school!) thought it was great fun.