Sharing things that upset you is not always an easy thing to do. This reporting tool is designed to act as another way you can tell a responsible adult at the school about any issues that you or others might be having. Sometimes that way might be easier than a face to face meeting.

This might include:

  • You or someone else being bullied
  • Something happening online that you don’t feel comfortable with and might need some advice
  • If you feel somebody at the school is at risk
  • If you have a problem that you need to talk about to somebody

Please don’t use bad language as we may not receive your message: the school systems may filter and block things like swear words and stop your message getting to us.

Is this Anonymous?

Your personal details are not shared or stored as part of that process, unless you choose to include them. When you make a report, you have the choice of including your personal or contact details or reporting anonymously. The information you report is sent as an e-mail and not stored by any other services.